Wild Zone

Bally has done a great job with many slots in the past including the Cupid And Psyche slot, Frutination slot and many more.

Bally Technologies had released a fruit-themed slot just on the cusp of the summer, but with Wild Zone slot the company is expanding on the classical theme by adding tingling, electrifying frames around the lush and shiny symbols. These are the zones that can help create heavier payouts with any spin.

Wild Zone Introduction

In terms of the base game, Bally has created a very standard schedule of symbols, however, unlike their concurrent release Fruitnation slot, Wild Zone slot does have a wild symbol. In addition to substituting for other symbols, the wild triggers the only extra feature which has a lot to do with the zone.

Wild Zone Design Features

Players will find the same set of fruit and classical slot symbols from the other game that we mentioned, but there is a notable difference in the overall look and feel of the game. We feel that it is mainly the background that is the reason for this. Instead of a turquoise background here we have a space vortex that is in line with the electricity that appears on the screen.

Wild Zone slots doesn’t differ in significant terms from other fruit slots. The symbols are quite familiar. Ever the wild is a symbol (diamond) that is often used in that capacity. Nevertheless, playing Wold Zone isn’t a sluggish experience. The game has a specific dynamic to it, even though it fails to impress with its visual features.

How to Play Wild Zone Slot

Playing the game requires setting up for the gameplay first. Find your way around the settings and controls buttons by locating each one on the screen. The Play button is the bigger of the three circles that can be seen in the bottom area. Pressing Play sends the reels spinning right away and deducts the active bet amount from the balance one time.

To change the bet and avoid making the first spin with whatever is the amount that’s been set as default by the online casino, press the minus and plus buttons. The range of bet starts at 10, which amounts to 10p per spin, includes a few amounts in the middle of the spectrum, such as 1 pound bets, and ends with a maximum of 5000 which is £50.00 per spin.

Regardless of the amount of the bet Wild Zone slot will always spin towards the full capacity of 10 paylines, with the possibility of triggering the zones, which expand the number of lines.

Another way in which players can play Wild Zone is by turning on the Auto Start option, which is essentially an automatic spins mode. This action starts the reels right away and you can go back to the standard mode of playing by pressing the Auto Off button.

Last but not least, there is a plus button in the upper-right corner of the screen that opens up a menu with few additional buttons, among which is the sound button and the one that opens up the paytable.

How to Win Wild Zone Slots

Winning in this game requires symbol outcomes that include at least three of the same kind. The ten paylines make it possible for more than one payline win to emerge from any spin. Also, each spin creates a zone that is marked by electric current, which can trigger the feature.

In terms of the payouts, Wild Zone slot has few symbols that we may consider lucrative. The hot sevens trigger payouts of 2x, 10x and 100x for three, four and five symbols on a payline. The bell pays 1x, 5x and 25x for the same payout schedule. The BAR symbol pays 1x, 2.5x and 10x and so on.

Any winnings from the game can be staked at the gambling table. There are two options in this regard. Players can choose the card or the ladder game. Making a good guess causes the winning outcome to double. That amount can be staked yet another time, where another correct guess doubles it. This is possible to carry on for a limited number of times.

Wild Zone Bonus Features

The bonus feature is quite straightforward. Players can win bigger prizes if the wild diamond symbol lands within the Wild Zone. In the even, every single symbol in that zone becomes a wild, thus increasing the chances for a sizable payout. The game can trigger a total of 21 different zones with each spin.

Wild Zone Free Play

Players can experience this simple. Yet engaging fruit-themed slot by playing the free play demo slot at online casinos that host Bally games.

Wild Zone Closing Thoughts

The game isn’t wildly different or carries a huge payout potential, but it packs enough features to enable a fun-loving reel adventure, which can get exciting thanks to the zones and the diamond wild.

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