It’s easy to just close our eyes and imagine it’s a hot summer day and we’re at the beach, enjoying the sun and the waves, with a beach towel and sunscreen next to us, and maybe even a surfboard. With Cash Wave slots from Bally, that image is even closer and more realistic! The game revolves around a nice day at the beach where the sun is shining and the high waves are crashing into the sand. Keep reading to find out more about your virtual beach adventure!

Cash Wave Slots Overview

Cash Wave slots has five reels and forty paylines and it belongs to the category of simple slots. The basic game has no further background music, until you end up in the bonus game, where you can hear some happy summer music in the background. The graphics are also simple, with the beach and the waves forming the backdrop and a glamorous Californian Belle appearing on the reels to greet players. All in all, the effects are pretty basic, leaving players relaxed without unnecessary distractions with every spin.

This online slots game comes with symbols that are highly reminiscent of the sun and the beach. On the reels you can find flip-flops, towels, a sunscreen, a surfboard, a beaming blonde, a VW camper and high-value playing card icons.

How To Play Cash Wave Slots

Before you grab your surfboard and start riding the waves, you need to set your bets. With the “-/+” buttons you can set the amount you want to bet per payline. This is calculated and displayed in the ‘Total Stake’ box on the right. This amount represents your bet per spin. The minimum bet you can choose is one pence per payline, which is 40 pence per spin. This bet can be increased to a maximum of 5 pounds per payline, which is equivalent to 200 pounds per spin. The cash balance and the winning amount are displayed in the bottom left corner.

The 40 paylines are fixed, so you do not have the ability to change their number. There are also no additional levels applied in the form of betting levels.

Once you’re ready, hit ‘Spin’ or use the Autoplay option to set the reels to spin for a number of times uninterrupted.

All other information can be found by opening the Info section next to the sound-adjusting button.

How To Win Cash Wave Slots

Within the Paytable you can check what winning combinations there are and how much you will can win on different combinations. The winning amount depends on the coin value you have chosen. For example, if you have a coin value of £0.1 and your winning is x 10, you will win £1, but if you have a coin value of £1, then your winning will be £10.

Playing with the maximum bet, you can get £1,000 for landing five of the 9, 10, J and Q symbols. K and A are worth £2,000 for five, whereas the flip-flops, the towel and the sunscreen, as well as the van pay £2,500 for five-of-a-kind combination. The blonde girl and the Wild are the highest-paying symbols and landing five of them on a payline will award you with £5,000.

Cash Wave Slots Bonus Features

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols in Cash Wave slots have the form of a green dollar bill with the word ‘Wild’ written in pink. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol except the Free Games symbols. They can also come in the form of Stacked Wild symbols and take the space of 3 smaller Wild symbols that are stacked on each other. With a symbol like that it is very easy to make a winning combination! The Stacked Wild symbols appear only in the bonus round.

Free Spins

This bonus feature is triggered by the Free Games symbol which can be found on reels 2, 3 and 4. Landing three of these symbols will award you with five free spins. In each bonus round there are also Stacked Wild symbols visible. In the first round of the bonus game the 5th reel is a big Wild symbol, in the second round the reels 4 and 5 are wild and so on, helping you form winning combinations.

Our Cash Wave Slots Review

As we stated before, Cash Wave slots is a simple game. It has a cheerful atmosphere and a laid-back feel. The game will appeal particularly to players who may be new to slots, as it’s easy to play and has enough wilds and scatters to create an interesting gaming experience as you gain more confidence on the reels.

Put on your sunglasses, pack your towel and enjoy your adventure at the beach with Cash Wave slots! Don’t forget the sunscreen!