X Factor Slot Online

With so many online video slot games on the market and countless of themes, it is not a surprise that Ash Gaming went for one of the most popular TV Talent shows that originally started in the UK.

Meet X Factor slot, a slot based on the show that took over the world. It is packed with five reelsand 20 Paylines, and it can be played with a denomination from £0.02up to £400.00where the maximum jackpot that the game pays out is a fantastic line bet multiplier of x5,000!

The game has two fantastic bonus features that will definitely give the impression you are the main star of the show. See which casino is the best to play X Factor Slot at.

X Factor Slot Casinos & Best Bonuses

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X Factor Slot

X Factorslot is one interesting and enjoyable video game that has all the attributes of giving you a fantastic time while playing it. With wonderful graphics and background of the crowd that supports every show, Ash Gaming managed to bring you a step closer to the show. Once you turn your volume up, you can hear the astonishing music and the sounds that can be heard on the show and their cheering heralds the big news and surprise you each time you manage to grab a win.

x factor slot


As soon as you enter the slot game, you will see how the background is the same as the screen of the show. Shiny led lights and the huge X which is the game’s logo peeks from behind the reels. We can see the logo of the game being located at the top, right above some game’s options. The paylines are on the side of the reels, so mouse over them to find out more of the same and to see them appear on the screen so that you know what to expect.

At the bottom, just below the reels, there is a small vertical screen that displays your latest win and announces some information about the game. Just below are the adjustable options where you can set the Stake/Line, number of lines and the total stake. You can set the coin value and level of the game, and there are the Auto Play and the Bet Max features which are next to the Spin button. Check out the paytable at the bottom right, and if you need some help or search for the options button It’s in the top right corner.

As we already said, the reels take up a huge portion of the slot and they are created in the style of X Factor. Let’s see what we will find on them.


All of the symbols of the slot are related to the theme of the game and they shine to give a meaning to the whole show. There are no lower or higher valued symbols in the slot as they are all high-valued. There are eight normal symbols and we can see the X Factor Logo, a Microphone, a female Singer, a Speaker, a male Singer, a silhouette of a singer, the X Factor strap and a CD.

The female singer is the lowest valued symbol of the slot and it pays out 10, 25 and 50 for x3, x4 and x5 of it on an active payline. Cheer when you see the Microphone symbol which is the highest paying symbol of the game which will give you 500, 2,500 and 5,000 for x3. X4 and x5 of it on an active payline.

To make things more interesting, there are two bonus symbols that activate the two bonus features of the slot, and we can see the Giant X symbol which starts the Boot Camp feature and the Judges Bonus symbol which triggers the Judges Bonus Scatter Award. We will speak about the bonus features a bit below.

x factor

How To Play X Factor Slot

X Factor is five reels 20 paylines online video slot game that can be played with denominations from £0.02 all the way up to £400.00 To start playing the game, you need to select a casino where the action will happen. The casino plays an important part in your gameplay and you need to select a trusted casino which has the game. We already spoke about the best and most trusted casino where you can find X Factor Slot at, so let’s see what else the game can offer.

See the Max Bet for the largest bet, and since the atmosphere inside the X Factor halls while the floor is all yours, but always be careful when playing this feature as you are setting the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum, with also activating all of the paylines. The game also has the Auto Play option which spins the reels of the slot automatically, with you only selecting the denomination and the number of auto spins. Make yourself your favourite tea or watch a game while the reels spin automatically, but keep in mind that you can always cancel the feature and proceed manually.

Let’s see the bonus features of the slot.

X Factor Slot Bonus Features

X Factor has two Bonus Features – The Boot Camp and the Judges Bonus, that are activated by the special symbols mentioned above.

The Boot Camp

Land three or more Scatter symbols in the form of the White Giant X and you will receive Free Spins. The number of Free Spins depends on the number of Scatter symbols:

  • Three Scatters – 5 Free Spins
  • Four Scatters – 10 Free Spins
  • Five Scatters – 15 Free Spins

During the Free Spins, all rewards are worth more from the base game, and you have a chance to retrigger this feature. While the Boot Camp lasts, there will be special silver stars for you to collect, and if you manage to collect 10 you will be taken to a new screen which is actually the stage of the show. There, three rewards will be rewarded: The Audience Reaction, the Performance or the Judges Verdict. They will come at you one by one, and you can turn down two of them, but eventually, you need to choose one.

Judges Bonus

Three, Four or Five Judges Bonus symbols trigger this mini-game inside X Factor. Once you do this, you will be faced with 4 judges that will give you a response to your performance. Press “Reveal Verdict” to reveal the answers 1 by 1. Each time there is a positive answer, you will receive cash prices. If there is a negative answer the bonus round ends and you are taken back to the base game.

X Factor Jackpot Winners

As we already mentioned, X Factor has three progressive jackpots that you can win, and to do that, you need to land the X factor logo five times, across all the reels and the middle payline. Once this happens, you are in for the progressive jackpot of the game, and depending on your wager, you have a chance to end up with one of the three progressive jackpots of the game.

There is one jackpot winner that stands out from all the rest X Factor Jackpot Winners and it’s because he managed to land a win of £9 million with wagering just £200 on the online slot machine. The punter’s name is Rodolfo T and he was lucky on the 14th of August 2014. The record is several years old now, and we can expect it to be topped or at least someone to come close to it in no time.

What is a Bonus Feature?

A bonus feature, in relation to online slots, is round or part of the game that can be triggered while playing it. Bonus features often come in the form of free spins or multipliers, giving you the chance to grab more free spins and some of the game’s finest features. For some slots, the bonus feature is where you can find the jackpot or better yet, the progressive jackpot.

As mentioned above, the X Factor slot’s bonus feature can be triggered by landing scattered symbols. Depending on how many you land, you’ll get a certain amount of free spins. From there, the X Factor Free Spins bonus feature will launch and you can enjoy the game at its finest.

X Factor Slot RTP

The RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player and every slot machine has the RTP stated, as obliged by law. The RTP is the amount of money that the machine returns to the player over a longer period. The period can be a certain time or number of spins, which is determined by the company, or in the case of X Factor Slot, Ash Gaming.

X Factor Slot RTP is 95.00%, which means, on average, for every £100 that the game takes, the player will receive £95.

The RTP is exactly as the online slot average number, meaning it’s an acceptable number. If you

X Factor Mobile

The mobile device is becoming more and more popular and there are more and more players are playing casino games from the palm of their hands, i.e. their smartphones. You can choose to play X Factor Slot from Lap Top, Tablet, and of course, smartphone, and enjoy the comfort of your bed, on the go, in the bus or basically wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to go.

Depending on the casino that you are playing at, you can enter and play the game directly through a browser or through an application, if the casino has one.

You can use the mobile device regardless if you have an Android, iOS or Windows. See how the game looks on a smartphone just below.

x factor slots

X Factor Slot Tips

There are some tips that apply to all the slot games rather than just X Factor itself, but there are also some unique to the game:

  • Always activate all of the paylines while playing. This is especially important at X Factor Slot as the Boot Camp feature gets triggered by landing the special symbols on an active payline.
  • If it’s too big of a bit for you, lower the coin value, not the paylines.
  • Always have a plan or a limit to your money when playing the Bet Max feature – it can lose all of your money in the blink of an eye.
  • Keep an eye on the Auto Play, even though it spins the reels all by itself – just in case you need to stop the feature and proceed manually.

X Factor Slot Demo

A lot of games have demo versions of their gameplay for a number of reasons. If you are unfamiliar with what a demo version is, it’s basically the same game as the original one, where you have the same symbols, the same gameplay, same theme and basically the same game with one major difference – you are playing with credits that are given to you from the side rather than your own money.

This means you get to play the game as much as you like, as usual, the credits are unlimited. You will get to learn X Factor Slot a bit more, get familiar with the symbols and paylines, and learn the bonus features of the slot. It would usually take few dozens of spins to do that if you decide to jump straight in the game, but some players find the thrill in that.

We suggest you take a look at X Factor Free Play before leaping in the original game just to get familiar with what you will encounter, but make sure you do go to the original game, as you can’t withdraw what you win in the demo version because you haven’t deposited anything.

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Play X Factor Slot

X Factor is one of the games that should find its name on your to-play list of slots. The game is a lovely one, has five reels and 20 and you can play it from £0.02 up to £400.00. The max win for five microphone symbols is a bet line multiplier of x5,000.

You can play it on any device, from mobile, tablet to laptop, regardless of the operative system that you have.

Play X Factor slots today and claim your welcome bonus at BGO today by making a deposit, as that’s the only way you can play the game, and the only way you can get the welcome bonuses of a casino. Leave us a comment with any suggestions or thoughts about the game.