Dolphin Treasure Slot Online

Aristocrat is a company that has been around for more than five decades and during this lifetime they have delivered hundreds of slots machine titles to land casinos across the world. In the era of online slots many of their famous titles were prepared to fit the personal computer and more recently, mobile devices. The Dolphin Treasure is one such game. Even though slightly dated, the game was part of the ocean of slots machines on the Las Vegas strip, in the area heavily populated by oceanic and animal-themed slots.

Here we have the online casino version of the game, but that has not taken away a single bit of the potential for enjoyment. You are going to find the Dolphin Treasure slot in its brightest mood, with five reels and three rows spinning across a total of 20 selectable paylines. As for the bonus features, there is a free spins bonus of 15 free games that could be the effort that potentially takes you the top payout of 9000 coins.

How To Play Dolphin Treasure Slot

Setting up for the gameplay is one of the easiest things in the Dolphin Treasure slot and here is why. Instead of furnishing the game with few buttons which you need to click in order to raise or lower the bet, here we have a row of buttons that let you determine the coin size and the number of paylines on which the game will play.

To select the coin size that will be wagered on the selected paylines, you need to locate the blue rectangle in the bottom right corner. The coin size is determined as follows: one credit equals one penny, and you can select amounts between that and £0.05. Once you have figured out the stake per line, next you need to set the bet levels.

This setting basically multiplies the overall wager between the credit and the number of paylines, and brings it to the next level over. There are ten bet levels and each one raises the amount of the wager.

And last but not least, once you have figured out the wager, you can just hit the button that has a number of paylines corresponding to your spending preference for the moment. You can play on either one line, five, ten, 15 or on all 20.

To repeat the same select simply hit the Start button, keep hitting it, or go on the opposite side where the green Auto Start button lies, and select that for the Autospins option, which goes on indefinitely or until you toggle it off.

Dolphin Treasure Slot Design

Once we get to the features that comprise the graphics design we can’t help but cringe, but just a tini little bit. Here is why. These marine animals could have been given a more dignified rendition, but hey, sometimes even artists can get lazy and skimp out on the details.

At any rate, the game contains two orders of symbols. The high valued symbols are the pictures of a tortoise, three fish, a seahorse, a starfish and an octopus. The symbols of the lower order are the cards numbers and letters, starting with the nine and ending with the ace. There is not much to say so as to shine a different light on the stuff that spins the reels.

Last but not least, there are two specialty symbols: the wild and the scatter. The former is a pretty sunset and the latter is a treasure chest still closed shut with an ancient lock. But what about the dolphins? Having the word ‘dolphin’ in the title, the Dolphin Treasure slots has completely forgotten about man’s best friend in the underwater world.

How To Win Dolphin Treasure

How to win a slot game – something that everybody wishes to know the answer to – but to no avail! There isn’t a magical move that will provoke the slot game dish out coins, so what’s the deal with slots?

For those who know, slots are games of chance in which the player needs no skill in order to play. The random number generator is the stuff that makes the games deliver all outcomes at random.

That being said, there are some pretty lucrative prizes in the Dolphin Treasure slot. The game’s top paying symbol is the sunset Wild which delivers a wallop of 9000 coins times the coin size for a line of five. Landing four doesn’t pay half bad either, with 2000. However, this symbol can’t be substituted seeing appear in more than three instances is a rarity, but not an impossible thing altogether.

Of the symbols, the tortoise and the seahorse both pay 750x multiplied by the coin size. However, if you manage to land a combination of these symbols with the wild, the winnings will be doubled, so both of these symbols will deliver in that case a payout of 1500x coins.

If you are curious to play Dolphin Treasure you can look for this game at one of the listed casinos. Select yours and claim the welcome bonus that we have exclusively for the players right form this page.