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Devilfish unveils unique blackjack game

devilfish_poker_250x250_02-enDevilfish Casino has just launched a new innovation in online blackjack: Double Exposure, where both of the dealer's cards are revealed to players. In addition, six seats at the European Masters of Blackjack event are up for grabs during March, April and May, where the winners of the tournament will earn cash prizes and the top spot will walk away with €6,000.

Unlike traditional blackjack, in Double Exposure blackjack, both of the dealer's cards are revealed, allowing the player to make a more educated decision on whether to hit, stay, double down or split. In the world of blackjack, this makes for a major player intrigue, as it significantly increases player knowledge and thus changes the game's strategy in a very interesting way.
Devilfish Partners will be unveiling a new series of Double Exposure blackjack banners, commission incentives and an original interview with Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott discussing his history as a pro blackjack player, with additional tips on how to be a better blackjack player.
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